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No one finds it a little ironic that with the high murder and corruption rate in Ja,- homosexuality is a ‘moral’ issue??

In a culture where ‘man fi have nuff gal’, ‘bust me gun fi likkle and nuttin’ is accepted, tolerated and promoted, the sin of homosexuality is too much for your tender sensibilities!! Dont make me laugh, Jamai’cans!!! Its time to … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up for Emotional Health!

So I have two jobs after one, dreary, penny-pinching year of unemployment!! And can I say they are both sooooo cooool!!! Eeek! One is assisting at a new store my very lovely sister manages…but the other… Blow My mind!!!!…Pays no … Continue reading

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Your Unique ‘Life-Purpose’

Each person owes it to themselves to ‘find self’….That unique life-purpose within you that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled. No one else can provide this for you. You have so much inside you that is inherently valuable and bursting with … Continue reading

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