No one finds it a little ironic that with the high murder and corruption rate in Ja,- homosexuality is a ‘moral’ issue??

In a culture where ‘man fi have nuff gal’, ‘bust me gun fi likkle and nuttin’ is accepted, tolerated and promoted, the sin of homosexuality is too much for your tender sensibilities!! Dont make me laugh, Jamai’cans!!!

Its time to open your eyes and realize that most (if not all) that we believe has been fashioned and formed by years of culture and traditional practices and way of viewing life…. NOT by your morals. Morals that allow us to sell weed to minors to drink until we are way past drunk, to do every other considerable act of self harm and harm to others as long as we can at the end of the day, ‘bun a gay’!

I got my startling confirmation of this from my most confused and contradictory group of friends; the church people…..

“They want some cat o nine! “If my son ever turned homosexual, me disown him”….and other remarks of similar nature. But my favorite- from a shaker/Quaker: “I’m not saying I wouldn’t pray for one in the altar, but I’m not touching him, no sah! I’ll pray for him from a distance”, touted one minister.

My deeply convicted brother appeared to be sure of two things:

1. Gay-ness is contagious (therefore, no touchy!)
2. One can determine if a man is gay by mere appearance

I deliberately used the gender reference ‘man’, since the ever so present double standard extends to homosexuality again in our culture. While most college guys ‘bun a gay’, they wouldn’t mind and would in fact give up a great deal to witness females acting ‘inappropriately’. (If ya know what I mean)

The thing is a lot of things we have come to believe are as a result of our culture. You know, things repeated so many times down the generation ladder that we just accept them as truth without questioning (not that we are allowed).

My point: Believe what you must, but at least let it be your own opinion, based on reason, logic and self-reflection. There are too many self-proclaimed persons out there, controlling masses of people and getting them to drink the kool-aid!
As I mentioned as the title of a previous post. ‘when things don’t add up, change the calculator’. Our ancestors didnt know everything (how to use Facebook, for instance) so lets examine our own values based on ideologies we have come to embrace, is there much sense to it?

Jamaica isnt homophobic because of our great love of what is right and decent! If so, Fornication and Adultery would also be against the law. Just re-evaluate your reasoning, that’s all!!

Change and Grow – Sylphe

Let us settle ourselves, and work and wedge our feet downward through the mud and slush of opinion, and prejudice, and tradition, and delusion, and appearance, that alluvion which covers the globe…till we come to a hard bottom and rocks in place, which we can call reality… – Henry David Thoreau

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1 Response to No one finds it a little ironic that with the high murder and corruption rate in Ja,- homosexuality is a ‘moral’ issue??

  1. necrodevz says:

    #This!! good lord!! wish u had sent this as a leter to the Gleaner so more people wud see this.

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