Reshuffling the Villains

“Before diagnosing yourself with depression or some other vague psychological condition, check to make sure you aren’t in fact surrounded by assholes” – A mild variation of the popular saying.

 It is a now a known fact that there are some people who have the ability to convince people that they are crazy, neurotic, sensitive and other descriptions that reroute the acrimonious blame from themselves.

The thing is though, as individuals we all have widely varying perceptions, opinions and feelings about the same events. This puts us in danger of mislabelling victims and villains in our minds (our universe). It has also been said that there are no absolute truths.

We do know that what is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.

Imagine with me for a moment, our food having human like characteristics (feelings, empathy, family, attachments). That would mean that every meal you have in order to stay alive ( for survival) is actually a funeral for a small family. Imagine the carrots left behind, mourning tearfully as you slip a few glazed slices in your mouth.

However, would the same rules apply across species? It might be wrong to feed a chicken some left over KFC, but how about the corn he usually eats. Is there a yellow-cobbed family left behind saying sorrowful things about the lost kernels.

My point for this albeit ridiculous example is this: Are villains simply just fulfilling a need. How do we decide what the basic needs are? Maybe those needs can be as individual  as choice of clothes or place of residence. Are large, dis proportioned butts and hip hop spouses a Kardashian family need? How can we say it is not? How can we declare it ridiculous simply because those would not be our personal choices?

Narcissists need attention and external validation like non-narcisssists need oxygen. This is why they do anything to get it, even destroying another human being. Before you judge my rationalization, a chicken somewhere lost his life so you could have your meal today. How is that any different?

Vegan? So happy for you. A field of lettuce lost a family member today so you could feel fed (and superior).

There is no proof they feel pain? Well, if a human being was numb from the waist down, would it then be okay to chop off that limb? We know that plants grow toward their needs. They move towards the light in order to photosynthesize. If I was the Plant King, I would think humans  to be very narcissistic.

There is no proof of affection and empathy among plants? Hmm, well if I was all alone and unloved, would it be okay to sell me to a far away country to be a slave (human trafficking). By the way, this is the rationale of the persons who harvest organs from homeless people, Mr. Vegan. We have no proof that the things we eat don’t feel loss, pain and grief in their own way.

We are driven by our own needs. Does that make us villains?

We are all tiny universes within the universe. This is how the law of attraction works; the baseline principle. As universes, we make up our own laws about what is wrong and right (opposite of herd mentality) based on individual urges. If one universe has a stronger magnetic force than another, clearly he will be more effective than a lesser magnetic universe. He will be less ordered and less able to achieve his goals.

Dear vegans, please quit the animal empathy story. You are vegan because it is in your best interest and there is nothing wrong with that. Plants are a healthier choice; your body functions better both mentally and physically and a host of other documented benefits. Those with faltering self esteem also find another step to stand on to feel a little taller. I will not take that sentence back.

I think our focus should shift from labelling villains, blame and punishment to needs assessment and finding healthy (less destructive) ways of fulfilling unique needs. In the same way that we give a young child a punching bag to hit instead of other children on the playground.

Just an idea.

In reflection of the initial quote. Those assholes who make you depressed are merely fulfilling their own needs. To be right all the time, to dominate, to feel superior. They may have found an easy target. You can change this.

Move the target.

You are not a tree. Move.

Or increase the magnetic frequency of your universe by fighting back. Fulfil your fucking needs for a change!


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