My Quotes

The human being isn’t inherently good or bad; s/he is inherently human

The problem with abuse is when you start to believe that you deserve it

Relationships will improve when people accept that it is no longer legal to ‘own’ someone

Oftentimes, the label we attach is more terrifying than the thing itself

Cant ‘forgive’ someone into changing; cant ‘hate’ someone into dying. the feelings you allow only affect you

We assume all our thoughts are logical and that they are our own

Always amazes me how a man who has never driven in his whole life feels qualified to give me parking directions

I’ve stepped outside the box, kicked it around a bit; now I’m setting it on fire

Greatest flaw in human nature – discriminating against someone for something they have absolutely no control over

I am my own standard of ‘accepted’. I wont challenge yours

Our greatest modern mistake is like that of slaves; assuming all authority has our best interest at heart and blindly obeying

Let them discuss your problems while you are busy finding solutions

I made a terrible conservative, so I became a liberal

On my journey to freedom i switched from ‘what is usually done’ to ‘what works for me’

You don’t feel jealousy because you love someone, you feel it because you allowed him/her to fill a gap you should have filled yourself

Nothing more disarming to a man than a woman who knows her worth. Oh she flaunts it and he had better rise up t meet it

You owe it to yourself to explore anything you feel yourself drawn to. Except drugs; thats just baaad for ya

Occasionally my social skills take a vacation

The notion that there is someone out there waiting to ‘complete’ you lends itself to the ridiculous idea that you are incomplete alone

People who scoff at ‘mind over matter’ have no idea how powerful the mind is.

See the people who hurt you as suffering from their own demons. only love can erase the hate and hurt.

There was a point of limited insight when I thought all the wrong people were the only people.



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