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Self Love for Fear of Abandonment – Spending time with me

I was just about to freak out that Shane had just left abruptly, tempting to ruin my sombre Sunday afternoon. I kicked into Wise mind and thought: Seriously, Steph, no feature of the house has changed since he left. No … Continue reading

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I have so much to say… the thoughts are bubbling up and bottlenecking at my fingertips…Plus, my heart wont start…

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Thumbs Up for Emotional Health!

So I have two jobs after one, dreary, penny-pinching year of unemployment!! And can I say they are both sooooo cooool!!! Eeek! One is assisting at a new store my very lovely sister manages…but the other… Blow My mind!!!!…Pays no … Continue reading

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Your Unique ‘Life-Purpose’

Each person owes it to themselves to ‘find self’….That unique life-purpose within you that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled. No one else can provide this for you. You have so much inside you that is inherently valuable and bursting with … Continue reading

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Sylphe or Stephanie? Who Am I?

In 2010/2011 while pursuing a graduate degree in Public Health, I was diagnosed (albeit self) with two incurable, untreatable diseases: Psoriasis, an immune condition of the skin triggered by stress and Bi-polar disorder, a mental health illness resulting in severe … Continue reading

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