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Sitting Frogs: My unequal femininity

Every now and then I have a ‘smash-the-phone-in-the-wall’ moment. I like my Smartphone. It’s a Blackberry curve 4, I think or 5. It may not be as up to date as an iPhone (frankly I don’t get what the hype … Continue reading

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My Life Truisms (subject and open to change and growth)

  So, Mr. Red Button has flexed his self help muscles a bit (see post here) … I found it a soothing, helpful read which felt like it flowed naturally from his very interesting brain… Which got me thinking…. Is … Continue reading

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Who needs a relationship when you have a cause?

On relationships and other distractions…. I’m addicted to planning, clearly…. It’s the Virgo in me.  I’m also slightly Leon which is a relief, I’ve never felt like a true Virgo anyway…And you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about . … Continue reading

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Into the mind of the Sylph…

Most of what we absorb on a daily basis in our conscious and sub-conscious are untrue messages which unknowingly affect our self-image, value and esteem. Picture being in a room of noxious invisible fumes…slowly forming cancerous plaques on our lungs. … Continue reading

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Your Unique ‘Life-Purpose’

Each person owes it to themselves to ‘find self’….That unique life-purpose within you that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled. No one else can provide this for you. You have so much inside you that is inherently valuable and bursting with … Continue reading

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