Your soul ‘does’ whisper…

This blog is named as such because –  I have learned that when my soul whispers, I need to listen. I have come to realize that there are eons of wisdom buried deep within me and that I can access them only by paying attention and listening.

I have been led, (many times quite mysteriously) to various readings and teachings which have confirmed what my soul already knows. When we read a piece of self help material of some new age wisdom or a quote from Buddha, what happens is that it connects with something we already knew. We never had a term for it, we just knew it (for persons who have read Chrysalids, we just ‘grokked’ it – I have loved that word since childhood). I grokked so many things which my mind didn’t understand because it was limited by what it was taught and admonished to do. It’s a connection that cant barely be explained in words, but all that we need to heal, to be happy and at peace is resting deeply within us and waiting to be heard, to be grokked.chrysalids

As we get older our whispers may be silenced with logic and laws, reasoning and religion, societal standards and superficial desires. We attain herd behaviour and cognitive dissonance. We begin to act like sheep instead of individuals.

My soul whispers and I have finally started to listen. Only you know what’s best for you. Not a stranger who has never walked in your shoes or shared your exact experiences. You know what you have been through and hence know what you need to do to heal. Listen to your body when it tells you it needs rest and your mind when it urges you to take a break from studying. Listen also to your soul. It may be challenging at first since we have effectively silenced it. The soul is the part of you that renders you speechless at the sight of great beauty or moves you to tears at the sound of beautiful music.

I play classical music at the breakfast table most mornings. I watched in awe one day as my four year old was moved to tears at the sound of Ennio Morricono’s ‘Monaco Gabriel’. I asked him about it he said the music made him feel sad. His mind couldn’t navigate the notes but he felt it with his soul. Music is powerful. Rarely is there a human who can live without it. It can replenish our souls and make us feel most alive.


With practice, you can learn how to trust your soul’s whisperings and yield to what is good, right and truthful for you. The ego desires admiration and acknowledgement and will attempt to override what the soul needs. I once asked a prominent minister of religion a very profound question. If he could achieve the perfect will of god for his life but be thought by others to have been castaway (a backslider – Ugh, I hate that word!) would he do it? If it involved relinquishing all his prestige, benefits and coming down from the pedestal on which charismatic preachers are placed, would he do it? It would result in perfect harmony and peace in his life, but his national reputation would be ruined, disgraced. He would be seen in the eyes of others as an outcast, a failure… what would he do?

So many times we make decisions based on how we would appear to others. I know I have. My whole life I have struggled against the opinions of society determining my choices. I was eventually forced to a place where I had all but lost my mind and had nothing left but to listen to the whispers of my soul. Against warnings and uncertainty, I decided to share my mental health challenges and recovery publicly in search of true healing. Each day as I listen to my soul and ignore the disapproving eyes, I discover new fragments of my lost self and grow towards being whole. There are paths on the journey which will feel new and unfamiliar and you will be tempted to feel ‘lost’. Trust the path. It is unique to you and it is yours. Resist the urge to believe that your journey must fit into a pre existing template; that the categories are limited and you must fit in one by a certain age – an identity.

Feel free to forge your own interpretations of your experiences and listen to the whispers of your own soul. The initial confusion will lead to discovering ‘authentic you’.

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